Cat's Cradle

The anatomy of the human figure contrasts against the stark mathematical straight lines.

Butterfly Lounge

String art takes to the 3D dimension create optical illusions of bent planes.

The Copper Theater

Built completely from reclaimed  lumber, windows, doors, and light fixtures, The Copper Theater evoked a scene of some post-apocolyptic saloon front from the outside, with a low light dining space on the inside.


Imagined as a Victorian style parlour, the Fireside creates a classy ambiance.

The Secret Garden

Hidden within a false room inside of a ballroom, the General's Secret Garden can only be accessed by solving clues and receiving a magic token, opening the door to a surreal hiding place.

The Lookouts

These 12 foot towers create a vantage point to lookout across landscapes, while providing enough space to sit and relax with friends.

The Cathedral

Two towers support a, 8'x8' cargo net in the center, with standing platforms on either side, and 2 shrines beneath.

The Nest

Built from reclaimed pallets, the nest facilitate sweet fortifying conversation by creating a space that feels secluded and safe without removing the participants too far from their immediate surroundings.

Sea of Dreams Cafe

Commissioned a the New Years concert, called Sea of Dreams, we used pillows, dead branches, and simple lighting to create an intimate escape from the high energy of the event.

Broken Compass

Our yearly Burning Man theme camp, Broken Compass, creates a comfortable venue for workshops, classes, and talks.

Floating Pallets

Built from recycled pallets, these benches divide up a room by creating a second level of interaction.  A huge hit at crowded parties!

Sultan's Canopy

Designed with the imagery of a Turkish palace in mind, the Sultan's Canopy utilizes a wooden frame and draped fabrics to create a warm and cozy covered retreat.

T​hunder Bar

Originally commissioned by The Do Lab for Lighting in a Bottle, the Thunder Bar was designed to mimic the aesthetic of The Copper Theater in a new more mobile and versatile installation.

Stripe Arch

Commissioned for the tech mogul, Stripe, wooden structures support the foundation for string art using the company's official colors, as well as a custom cut plexiglass logo.